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Inspired by the rich culture and ancient philosophy from The Land Below the Wind, Sabah, Sompoton Spa was created. True to its name, which was taken from an indigenous tribal flute, Sompoton Spa features a vast array of therapeautic healing treatments that will serenade you into a blissful state of relaxation. Incorporating the natural ingredients from the bountiful harvest of Mother Nature, filled with anti-oxidant, minerals and deep hydration, our treatments are designed not only to alleviate stress and physical tension, but also balance the body, mind and spirit interdependence that contribute to your overall holistic well-being. Come to the realm of Sompoton Spa, where tranquil sanctuary awaits you...


Signature Massage 60/90mins
Based on the combination of Malay, Swedish and Shiatsu massage techniques to heal and strengthen the body and mind, improve blood circulation and create a feeling of well-being.

Malay Traditional Massage 60/90mins
This intense traditional healing massage has been passed through generations. Deep rhythmic strokes helps to improve vitality and reduce flatulence.

Balinese Massage 60/90mins
A traditional methods to work on muscles and nerve pathways to encourage blood circulation and reduce stress.

Relaxing Foot Spa 45mins
An intensive therapy and aromatic experience for your feet includes skin exfoliation with rose sea salt scrub and foot soak in warm Tea Tree essential oil for antiseptic effect. A relaxing foot aromatherapy massage helps to restore energy flow and improve your body system.

In-Room Massage 60/90mins

Body Therapy

Balancing & Detox 60 mins
Experience a glorious sensory escape as you are enveloped by the enticing scents of Rosemary,Chamomile and Lavender enriched with Rooibos and its high content of anti-oxidant leaving skin soft and rejuvenated. The Organic Rolled Wheat with sugar granules gently polishes the skin while improving blood circulation. A detox Body mask is applied to entire body that detoxifies and delivers a powerful draining action and stimulates lymphatic circulation.
Foot Bath - Organic Body Polish - Detox Body Mask - Hot Blanket - Shower - Toner - Light Body Moisturiser

Slimming 60 mins
A slimming treatment that will have you believe you are in chocolate heaven.The heavenly scent of coffee beans exfoliator will relax the mind and sedates the spirit while leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. The main ingredients of caffeine and theobromine effectively break down fat, reduce water retention and cellulite appearance and improve overall skin texture.
Foot Bath - Organic Coffee Body Exfoliator - Anti-Cellulite Body Mask - Hot Blanket - Shower - Toner - Light Body Moisturiser

Body Beauty by Marine
Invigorating Marine Body Wrap 40 mins
An ultra-relaxing and stress-relieving wrap enriched with essential oils. This ritual helps eliminate all of your tension and recharge your body.
Exfoliant - Hot Blanket Detox - Stimulating & Revitalizing With Body Remineralizing Mask & Invigorating Serum.

Contouring Marine Body Wrap 60 mins
Contouring Beauty Treatment for Abs-Buttocks-Thighs Put an end to cellulite and unwanted fat with a unique blend of Contouring Marine Body Wrap and targeted contouring massages.
Exfoliate - Eliminate Fat & Contouring With Body Wrap & Serum - Massage With Contouring Concentrate & Reshaping Serum - Firming Spray - Apply Acti-Gene to Control Fat.