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Inspired by the rich culture and ancient philosophy from The Land Below the Wind, Sabah, Sompoton Spa was created. True to its name, which was taken from an indigenous tribal flute, Sompoton Spa features a vast array of therapeautic healing treatments that will serenade you into a blissful state of relaxation. Incorporating the natural ingredients from the bountiful harvest of Mother Nature, filled with anti-oxidant, minerals and deep hydration, our treatments are designed not only to alleviate stress and physical tension, but also balance the body, mind and spirit interdependence that contribute to your overall holistic well-being. Come to the realm of Sompoton Spa, where tranquil sanctuary awaits you...

Signature Massage 60/90mins
Based on the combination of Malay, Swedish and Shiatsu massage techniques to heal and strengthen the body and mind, improve blood circulation and create a feeling of well-being.

Malay Traditional Massage 60/90mins
This intense traditional healing massage has been passed through generations. Deep rhythmic strokes helps to improve vitality and reduce flatulence.

Balinese Massage 60/90mins
A traditional methods to work on muscles and nerve pathways to encourage blood circulation and reduce stress.

Relaxing Foot Spa 45mins
An intensive therapy and aromatic experience for your feet includes skin exfoliation with rose sea salt scrub and foot soak in warm Tea Tree essential oil for antiseptic effect. A relaxing foot aromatherapy massage helps to restore energy flow and improve your body system.

In-Room Massage 60/90mins

Themae Massage
Oriental Massage 90 mins
This massage frees the body from all its tensions by working the muscles and skin with agile, graceful strokes and gentle, comforting movements. The kneading, treading and smoothing movements will leave you feeling relaxed and calm. This massage works the body with parallel movements, resulting in a feeling of well-being, a rested mind and a relaxed body.

Rituals by Themae
Ritual of Delights 90 mins
Purify yourself and revitalize your skin’s radiance through gentle massage and exfoliation. An aromatic paste of apricot oil, shea butter, bamboo powder and Complexe des 4 Thés (4 Teas Elixir) rid your skin of impurities, leaving it feeling fresh and radiant. This purifying treatment is followed by our Oriental massage to relieve the remaining tensions and cleanse your body.
Footbath - Creamy Body Exfoliant - Oriental Massage

Oriental Peace 90 mins
This indulgence treatment combines oriental body massage with the Instant Glow Green Tea facial for head to toe well-being. After the welcome ritual, your back and front are deeply massaged before a facial which alternates between skin stimulation, relaxation and smoothing. This treatment results in a fresh, light complexion, while your body feels relaxed and recharged.
Footbath - Oriental Massage - Cleansing - Steamer/Scrub - Detox Mask - Head & Shoulder Massage - Soothing Eye Cream - Moisturizing Cream

Chay Ritual 120 mins
This invigorating treatment is using our unique exfoliator blended with apricot oil and bamboo powder to effectively smooth the skin’s surface and follow with the oriental body massage to deeply relief the tension. After the massage you will experience an express Instant Glow Green Tea facial which totally refreshes the skin.
Footbath - Creamy Body Exfoliant - Oriental Massage - Cleansing - Steamer/Scrub - Detox Mask - Head & Shoulder Massage - Soothing Eye Cream - Moisturizing Cream